Home[Podcast]: From Mindfulness Training to Quitting Smoking & Managing Chronic Conditions

[Podcast]: From Mindfulness Training to Quitting Smoking & Managing Chronic Conditions

Today’s guest is Dr. Jud Brewer, Director of Research and Innovation, Mindfulness Center at Brown University and senior scientific and medical advisor for behavioral health at Sharecare and the creator of MindSciences

Reminiscing on how MindSciences began at Yale, Dr. Brewer takes us back to 2012 when smartphones started becoming more prevalent. The good doctor tells us about how he aspired to develop digital-based therapeutics and how he spent almost one decade achieving this mission.

MindSciences is currently the leading evidence-based behavior change app and it has recently been acquired by Sharecare. 

Dr. Brewer explains what neurofeedback is and how Anderson Cooper became involved with it for a story on 60 Minutes. Focusing on smoking habits, Dr. Brewer breaks down the two main components of cravings, both physiological and psychological, and the roles those play in our habits – and how digital-enabled platforms can help smokers quit.

Listen to the podcast further to learn about:

  • How your habit can be influenced by algorithms & daily regiments
  • How mental awareness can help you
  • How COVID-19 and quarantine are affecting habits in general
  • How an app can make sure you achieve your health goals and alter behavior
  • Discover what mindfulness training is and how it can benefit you
  • The importance and significance of digital outreach
  • The future plans for MindSciences after being acquired by Sharecare

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