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New VR Training Program from Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s advanced VR training modules are designed to give doctors access to a convenient and totally safe hands-on surgical experience. For a while VR technology was only found in the gaming industry, but now Johnson & Johnson hopes to use the technology to support doctors and medical students.

This virtual reality experience works with a computer station and a VR headset.  For surgical training, the system starts participants in a realistic-feeling operating room. According to test data it takes participants about 5 minutes to acclimate to their new environment. The system will then guide users through the surgical procedures, showing when and how to use the various tools. The participants are also able to turn the instructions off and repeat the module as many times as they’d like.

Johnson & Johnson hopes that their new VR technology will help practicing medical professionals reduce real-world mistakes during surgery through this safe and convenient learning experience. Also, more thorough and timely training progress can be made by users of the modules since participants can receive instant feedback during the session.

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