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This Week in Healthtech: Empowering Patients Through EHR Technology

Week Ending 07-13-18: How companies are empowering patients with emerging EHR technology

150,000 Medical Records Shared Against Patients’ Wishes in Data System Glitch

England’s National Health Service discovered they shared patient data without consent by failing to register patient objections to sharing their health data. This error was recently uncovered during the implementation of a new national opt-out system and has since been resolved, but has brought light to the importance of issues such as privacy of patient data and patient control over health records. Read more.


Cleveland Clinic Joins Apple Health Records for EHR Patient Access

Cleveland Clinic patients can now access their own EHR on iOS devices with Apple Health Records. Cleveland Clinic joins 27 other health institutions with this move to mobile, giving patients access to up-to-date information on their own lab results, vitals, and more. Through this movement, health record data is leveraged to empower patients, boost interoperability, and advance health IT innovation. Read more.

$12.5 Million Funding for K Health, a Healthcare AI Startup That Helps People Self-Diagnose Their Medical Conditions

Mayo Clinic is Partnering with a Startup to Make Blockchain Work for Healthcare

Mayo Clinic has signed a partnership with Medicalchain, a British blockchain startup, to collaborate on projects integrating EHR and blockchain technology. They seek to improve patient care with their partnership by rolling out projects such as an “electronic health passport” that allows patients to access their own EHR via a variety of platforms. Read more.

Get Your Health Record Mobile App Is Game-Changer for Health Care


A healthcare technology company called Healthcare Endeavors has created a “national health record exchange app” dealing with data such as Medicare claims history records and patient EHRs. The exchange empowers patients through mobile capabilities and providers through performance summaries, with the vision of future total interoperability.  Read More.

Allscripts Embraces Consolidation in Health IT Market

Allscripts, a large player in the practice management and EHR space, has been acquiring companies in the Health IT market to grow its presence and increase services to physicians and hospitals. Products Allscripts has already rolled out include a cloud-based EHR using machine learning technology, and platforms aimed at expanding patient engagement. Read more.

Amazon’s new Alexa will know someone is sick by listening to their voice