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Astarte Biologics and Key Biologics Rebrand

Astarte Biologics and Key Biologics, providers’ blood products, and clinical-grade human immune cells, as well as related services and research, are rebranding to Cellero. The combined Cellero brand more accurately reflects the true ability of the organization. Cellero serves clients spanning the entire gene and cell therapy cycle, from the initial concept to the ultimate cure.

About the Organization

In 2018, Astarte Biologics and Key Biologics merged to form an across-the-board service and product menu, providing researchers indispensable access to bio-material products. The company’s new Cellero brand typifies the synergism and broad capacities of the combined company.

“We’re very excited to announce the new Cellero brand and the complete, end-to-end service and the product line we offer to our clients,” said Jeffrey Allen, CEO. “No matter where organizations are in the timeline of discovery to cure, they can trust Cellero. We isolate and characterize specific immune cells, recruit common as well as hard-to-find blood donors to deliver high-volume pure blood products. We also perform early-stage research and discovery contract projects, and gather from patients to fulfill allogeneic and autologous therapies.”

Cellero’s New Lab Facility

Hand-in-hand with the launch of the new Cellero brand, the company has also announced the opening of its brand new cell collection and CLIA-laboratory in Lowell, MA.

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When combined with the doubling of Cellero’s capacity for cell collection at its Memphis TN facility in late 2019, the new lab completes Phase One of Cellero’s $50 million multi-year plan to invest in new facilities. Likewise, the company plans to expand its capacity to meet the growing demand for human cells to conduct biopharmaceutical research and clinical development.

Allen added by saying, “Our mission is to fire up and accelerate the advancements in discovery, development, and administration of novel treatments and cures. Our new lab in Lowell is just one of several steps to execute this goal and meet the growing demand of our clinical and research clients for high-quality cell-based products. The new facility aids our commitment to sourcing and delivering a wide range of fresh and frozen GMP-grade bio-materials to the most advanced biopharmaceutical companies in the United States, Europe, and everywhere around the world.”

The new 5,000 square foot lab facility in Lowell has collection stations using TerumoBCT Spectra Optias for optimum blood collection and superior safety and comfort for both donors and patients. In addition to the sample collection rooms, a CLIA-licensed laboratory is located onsite to make sure the most efficient and highest quality operations are provided for Cellero’s customers. Donors and patients.

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What Cellero Produces

Cellero’s leukapheresis products are generally collected from healthy blood donors and contain 5 to 20 billion white blood cells as well as plasma. The products contain some platelets, but very few red blood cells.

In addition to supporting cell and gene therapy through leukapheresis products, Cellero also sources apheresis-derived platelets that support research and development of new platelet testing methods as well as for use in in-vitro diagnostic testing kits. The company also provides whole blood and whole blood-derived products for research and development projects.

Cellero also has a huge inventory of fresh and cryo-preserved human immune cells, human serum samples, EDTA, heparin, peptide antigens, citrate plasma, and whole antigens.

Cellero at the Cutting-edge of Biomaterial Products

With locations in Memphis, Seattle and Lowell, Cellero can quickly supply reliable fresh and frozen leukapheresis products to clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to clinical and research leukapheresis products, Cellero also offers cell characterization and processing services in support of cell therapy manufacturers. Finally, the company offers cell-based research tools and services for discovering new drugs.

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Cellero’s unmatched expertise in bio-material collections, immune cell biology, cell characterization, and functional analysis makes this company a vital link in the chain from early research to drug development. Through clinical trials, manufacturing, sales, and treatment of patients, these products are vital to the health and well-being of millions all over the world.