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April 08, 2021 | by Marina Turea

4 Barriers to Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and How to Overcome Them

artificial intelligence in healthcare

April 08, 2021

4 Barriers to Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and How to Overcome Them

The adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare has been a hot topic and rightly so. AI

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10 Reasons the Healthcare Industry is Still Not Innovating in 2018 | Healthcare Weekly

September 09, 2020

Op-Ed: 10 Reasons the Healthcare Industry is Still Not Innovating in 2021

In a recent radio interview, I talked about why the healthcare industry is in an excellent

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Innovations in Cardiovascular Disease

January 10, 2020

5 Innovations That Will Change the Treatment of Heart Disease

The functions of the human heart continue to challenge physicians worldwide. A quick glance at

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healthcare startups

November 19, 2019

38 Best Healthcare Startups to Watch in 2021

At Healthcare Weekly, we take innovations from healthcare startups very seriously. Whether it’s

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Breast Ultrasound

July 19, 2019

Breast Ultrasound Market to Enter 2020 Strong and Will Continue Growing

A number of new reports have forecast continued growth of the global breast ultrasound markets.

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Artificial Intelligence cancer prediction

March 06, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Platform Can Help Scientists Identify and Anticipate Cancer Development

A team led by scientists at the University of California and the University of Surrey, Gilford,

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Healthcare Social Media Strategy

February 11, 2019

Healthcare Social Media Strategy: 5 Ways to Build Trust

As customers increasingly take to social media, healthcare organizations should follow their

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November 09, 2018

Doc.AI Acquires In Effort To Make AI More Accessible, a blockchain based artificial intelligence (AI) that performs deep learning computations

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Health Tech Summit

November 08, 2018

Lessons from the Chicago-Israel Health Tech Summit

Innovation still continues to be an illusive dream for many executives in the healthcare industry.

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Health Equity

October 22, 2018

Innovators: Call for Prize Winning Ways to Reduce Unequal Healthcare Access

Of the multiple factors that contribute to someone’s overall health, many are outside of the

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October 18, 2018

Google AI’s LYNA Better Than Humans In Detecting Advanced Breast Cancer

Google AI has announced that it has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can detect

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October 16, 2018

Blackberry Takes Strides In Healthcare With Blockchain Solution

Blockchain solution at the core of Blackberry’s strategy Blackberry announced partnerships with

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healthy eating

October 09, 2018

Healthcare IT news: healthy eating app seeks to close brain behaviour gap

Healthy eating is one of the main health-related behaviors that 21st century Americans are

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brain scan

October 08, 2018

Researchers Get $3.8M for Brain Imaging Study To Treat Suicidal Patients

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh have received $3.8

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September 28, 2018

Smartphones Could Be The Answer To Patient Matching Problems

Inaccurate patient matching and other identification errors have been haunting health service

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Apple Watch Series 4

September 18, 2018

Apple Announces New Healthcare-Friendly Watch, Obtains FDA Approval

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 on Wednesday, claiming that the device is better

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September 17, 2018

Digital diabetes market will reach $742M by 2022. What drives this growth?

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions and digital health companies are fighting back with

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digital disruption

September 05, 2018

Digital Disruption: The Transformation of Blockchain in Healthcare

As blockchain continues to build momentum, there remains varying perceptions of the efficacy of

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virus outbreak detection

August 27, 2018

Scientists Develop Model To Predict Enterovirus Outbreaks 2 Years In Advance

Researchers at the United Kingdom’s Imperial College London have developed a mathematical model

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biotech company

August 24, 2018

UK Biotech Company Raises $84 Million for Novel Cancer Therapies

A United Kingdom based biotechnology company focusing on novel cancer therapies has secured $84

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Apple Putting Together Team to Develop its Own Health Chips

August 21, 2018

Apple Putting Together Team to Develop its Own Health Chips

According to reports from CNBC, Apple is putting together a team to create a custom processor that

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orchard therapeutics

August 21, 2018

$150 Million in Series C Funding To Drive Orchard Therapeutics Commercialization

United Kingdom-based biotech firm, Orchard Therapeutics has closed a successful Series C financing

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Startup Competitions

August 16, 2018

19 Top Healthcare Startup Competitions

If you’re a startup in the healthcare space, there has never been a more exciting time to

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Patient Care GM and Ford Health

August 14, 2018

Will Patient Care Improve as GM and Ford Health Sign Innovative Contract?

General Motors is offering a new, lower-cost health insurance option to salaried employees. Called

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Regenerative Medicine

August 13, 2018

Bright Prospects for Regenerative Medicine Industry, as Samumed Raises $438 Million

Drugmaker Samumed last week announced that it had closed its A-6 round of equity issuance with

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IncludeHealth Ryan Eder

August 13, 2018

Redefining Physical Exercise as We Know It: 3 things I Learned From Ryan Eder, CEO at IncludeHealth

Despite accounting for 18% of our country’s GDP, the healthcare industry has undergone very few

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blue cross blue shield fitbit

August 10, 2018

Blue Cross Blue Shield Gives Steep Discounts for Fitbit Products to its 60 Million Members

Once considered a fad, wearable fitness gadgets are rapidly working their way into insurance

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23andMe DNA Database

July 26, 2018

GSK Pays $300 Million to Partner with 23andMe and Its Data

The genetic testing company 23andMe announced that GlaxoSmithKline will pay $300 million for

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July 22, 2018

Spring Health Gets Funding to Help Businesses Offer Affordable Mental Health Care to Their Employees

According to, a recent Everest College survey revealed that 83% of American

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3 Exciting Advances in Biotechnology

July 20, 2018

3 Exciting Advances in Biotechnology

Biotechnology has profoundly changed the way people are being diagnosed and treated. Medical trail

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July 19, 2018

Embleema Propels Healthcare Into the Future: New Platform Empowers Patients to Own & Share Their Medical Data 

New-York based Embleema announced on Tuesday the launch of a HIPAA compliant healthcare blockchain

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Independence Plus Complex Care Support

July 05, 2018

CEOs Must Adapt as Tech Changes Patient-Doctor Relationships

Organization: Independence Plus Interviewee: Danilo Coité, MD, CEO A trained physician with 15

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AI & Healthcare Data Security

June 28, 2018

4 Ways AI Can Improve Healthcare Data Security

Here’s a startling statistic: health records are worth 40 times more than credit card data on

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virtual reality to treat pain

June 08, 2018

Easing Pain With Virtual Reality: What US Health Providers Can Learn From Their French Counterparts

The latest breakthrough towards VR in healthcare comes from a French startup that wants to bring

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Apple, Amazon, and health apps

June 08, 2018

This Week in Healthtech:
Amazon’s Secret Lab

Week Ending 06-08-18: Big news from Apple, Amazon’s secret lab, and health app safety. Apple is

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healthcare consumerism and patient experiences

May 25, 2018

This Week in Healthtech:
Is Healthcare Consumerism Changing the Industry?

Week Ending 05-25-18: Healthcare consumerism and how technology, strategic partnerships, and

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Doctors start podcast

May 22, 2018

Michigan Doctors Embrace Technology and Start Their Own Health Podcast

Two doctors from Michigan started a health podcast that will soon be available on Spotify. A

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Google assistant passes human test

May 10, 2018

Google Assistant Passes the Human Test. Physicians & Hospitals Will Save Billions

On May 10, 2018, Google made history yet again, this time at the Google I/O conference. The

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Amazon in Healthcare: How the Online Giant Will Disrupt the Industry | Healthcare Weekly

May 08, 2018

Amazon in Healthcare: How the Online Giant Will Disrupt Healthcare

There are plenty of challenges and complexities involved in the disruption of

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FDA and digital innovation

May 04, 2018

This Week in Healthtech:
The FDA Speeds Up Innovation in Healthcare

Week Ending 05-04-18: The FDA, pre-certification, and the medical device industry Statement from

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Femtech innovation

April 20, 2018

This Week in Healthtech:
Femtech and Women’s Health

Week Ending 04-20-18: The femtech movement and what is means for women’s health, Frost and

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 3 Trends to Watch | Healthcare Weekly

April 10, 2018

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 3 Trends to Watch

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry is in the news for a reason. According to

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

April 08, 2018

Are Deep Neural Networks and AI the Next Frontier for Aging Research?

Could Deep Neural Networks lead us to the Fountain of Youth? At least one company thinks so.

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