Home[Podcast] Learn about EarlySense & smart hospital beds that can save lives

[Podcast] Learn about EarlySense & smart hospital beds that can save lives

Matt Johnson is the CEO of EarlySense and our guest in this podcast episode.

The company makes a contact-free continuous patient monitor that turns any bed into a smart bed.

Their clients are typically hospitals and nursing facilities, along with some home applications, too. In a typical day at a hospital, heart and respiratory rates are collected from patients about six times per day.

EarlySense can collect this data twice per second, giving an earlier indication of patient deterioration that allows nurses and doctors to react quickly.

The goal of EarlySense’s work in reducing deterioration events and improving patient outcomes is to make hospital care more predictable.

From this, hospitals will perform much better overall. Matt hopes that within a few years, unmonitored beds will be on every hospital’s list of problems to solve.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • What EarlySense does Data points that are collected from patients by EarlySense
  • How a home-use experiment of EarlySense went
  • Study results that support the use of EarlySense
  • Hospitals being able to make more money by complying with Medicare
  • EarlySense’s partnership with Hill-Rom Where Matt sees his company and the industry going in five years
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