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[Podcast]: How is Project Polaris Improving Patient Satisfaction?

Today’s guest is Kali Durgampudi, chief technology and innovation officer at Greenway Health, a leading health information technology and services provider.

He is working on Project Polaris, a technology which uses machine learning, AI, and natural language processing to save doctors time, increase their productivity, and improve patient satisfaction.

This technology functions as a next generation electronic medical record, which reduces physician burden through machine learning that allows the doctor to focus more on the patient and less on paperwork.

The interaction between patient and doctor will be recorded with patient consent, where the speech is converted to text and that text is converted to data.

The goal with this technology is to reduce the amount of time physicians have to spend on documentation, as well as schedule follow-up appointments, send referrals, and order prescriptions. Long-term goals are to completely eliminate the need for doctors to complete documentation themselves, as well as scale all benefits to continue even if there is no physical interaction between patient and doctor.

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Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • How interaction will work between patient and doctor using this technology and its role in patient satisfaction
  • The level of technology currently on the market
  • How patient consent will work
  • Common objections to machine learning and AI and their rebuttals
  • How machine learning can be integrated with telemedicine
  • Where Kali sees the healthcare industry in the next decade

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