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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Medical Quality Testing?

Today’s guest is Neri Lavi. He serves as Managing Director in the United States for Qualitest, the largest quality engineering company in the world. In the US, most of Qualitest’s business activities revolve around the healthcare industry.

Neri describes what to know before testing a device for V&V approval. He talks about the most common challenges that device manufacturers have to deal with, paying special attention to documentation and access.

We also learn about the different areas that AI can be used in. In today’s Healthcare Weekly episode,

Neri talks about the three groups in healthcare that can benefit from testing through the use of artificial intelligence.

He explains how AI can help with QA testing and takes us through relevant examples before giving his thoughts on data breaches in the medical industry.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • An overview of Qualitest
  • Common challenges faced by medical device manufacturers
  • How artificial intelligence is leveraged in quality testing
  • Artificial intelligence use cases for healthcare solutions
  • Common software development mistakes that lead to data breaches
  • Underlying technologies that help companies get better at testing
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