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[Podcast] Virgin Pulse & The Future of Enterprise Healthcare. Fireside Chat with Rajiv Kumar

Today, Codrin Arsene is chatting with Rajiv Kumar, Chief Medical Officer and President of the Virgin Pulse Institute.

Virgin Pulse is the largest employee heath and well-being company in the world. They have a high-tech approach to engaging employees who work for large corporations to prevent health issues.

Virgin Pulse has taken health and well-being and boiled it down to what Rajiv believes is the root of everything they want to accomplish. This root is the daily routine of employees, and Rajiv explains how Virgin Pulse influences this to improve lives. He also gives insight to the platform the company has built to deliver this information.

There are three compelling pieces that Virgin Pulse has implemented in their platform that retain users, and Rajiv reveals what they are. He says that Virgin Pulse has been able to demonstrate meaningful outcomes year after year, which has allowed them to cultivate the sizable customer base that they have.

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Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • The alignment of Virgin Pulse’s mission and its conglomerate
  • How the company is able to keep employees happy and healthy
  • Sharing data points with physicians and employers
  • Usage rates of the Virgin Pulse platform
  • Measurable impacts that Virgin Pulse has on employees
  • Generational differences in data
  • Participation rate variation between genders
  • Virgin Pulse’s acquisition of SimplyWell


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