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Vaping versus smoking: what the science says

You might have heard from everyone that smoking is bad for your health. Indeed, smoking is often associated with a variety of health conditions, including cancer, high blood pressure and a variety of pulmonary diseases.

The negative impact of smoking has given birth to a new industry: vaping.  

When it comes to vaping, there are many mixed opinions  which we have reported on in the past here, here and here.

It’s common to see various media outlets talk about either the overall benefits of vaping or the negative impacts associated with this habit.

In reality, its pros and cons of vaping are not set in stone. But according to some recent studies, if you are already a smoker, vaping is better than your traditional cigarettes for your health. If you are wondering, how is it better? Continue reading. 

1) Vaping Liquid Contains Less Harmful Chemicals

There are more than 6000 ingredients in a single cigarette. When burned, the cigarette smoke creates over 7000 chemicals, 70 out of which are known to cause cancer. These toxins include nicotine, tar, cyanide, acetic acid, arsenic, lead, methanol, ammonia, acetone, carbon monoxide, and the list goes on. In contrast, vaping juice contains relatively fewer chemicals. Moreover, there are quite a few benefits of cbd vaping oil. It is because e-Liquids have only PG, VG, and flavor, and these ingredients are FDA approved. Therefore, vaping is not the safest option, but if you do not want to inhale all those chemicals, vaping is a better option. 

2) Vaping MAY Be Better on Your Lungs

We are well aware that smoking causes significant damage to the lungs as it produces mucus that gets attached to the lungs’ airways. Lungs fail to clean out extra mucus that remains in the airways and jam them. Consequently, it leads to coughing and, in many cases, a variety of lung diseases.  Whereas there is no evidence supporting the claim that vaping is good for your lungs,  it is technically better on your lungs because no heat is involved in it. 

3) Vaping Helps Quit Smoking

According to some reports, some people have already quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes. That is because vaping can help users control their nicotine cravings. You can decide and add the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid. This way, you will know how much nicotine you are consuming. On the other hand, with cigarettes, you cannot control your nicotine level. 

4) Vaping is not Bad for the Environment

There is no denying smoking itself, and the litter produced from it, is harmful to the environment. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 1 in 20 fires are started by smoking materials. Moreover, smoking not only ruins the health of the smoker but also contributes to environmental pollution. In contrast, vaping does not include such risks, and you can rest assured that you are not causing any damage to the environment. 

5) Vaping comes in a Range of Flavors

Unlike cigarettes, you can choose from a variety of flavors in vape juice. Cigarette users only have a few tobacco options to choose from, while vaping users can pick from a wide range of flavors. Most common flavors include strawberry, apple, watermelon, mango, kiwi, bubblegum, caramel, menthol, blueberry, cherry, and chocolate, among many others. 

Bottomline: whereas both vaping and smoking cigarettes can impact your health, if you have to choose between the two options, go for vaping. Note that Healthcare Weekly does not encourage non-smokers to try out vaping or smoking. Only current smoking should explore the benefits of moving away from cigarettes to vaping products.

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