Home[Podcast] AI And Interoperability in Healthcare: Current Applications, Challenges and Predictions

[Podcast] AI And Interoperability in Healthcare: Current Applications, Challenges and Predictions

Darren Schulte, CEO of Apixio, joins Codrin Arsene to talk about the present and future of artificial intelligence in healthcare in this episode of the Healthcare Weekly Podcast. 

Founded in 2009, Apixio is a data science and advanced analytics company dedicated to unlocking actionable, relevant and timely insights for health providers all over the US. 

Apixio uses a patented computing platform that analyzes health records and gives a deep insight into patient health. 

A big problem in the healthcare industry is getting a complete picture of a patient’s overall health from available data sources (electronic medical records, surveys, questionnaires and more). This is the crux of why interoperability in the healthcare system remains more of a myth, so far, than a tangible reality. Apixio is trying to fix this issue.

Listen to this episode to hear more on:

  • Why the current healthcare system is broken when it comes to interoperability
  • Information gap between physicians and specialists and how this affects diagnostics and ongoing care regimen for patients. 
  • How artificial intelligence can completely redefine the healthcare industry – and indeed it’s doing so as we speak.
  • Why have we not made more progress when it comes to AI adoption in the healthcare space?
  • Do we have the infrastructure in place to make AI work for the healthcare industry?
  • Industry changes required to further support the adoption of artificial intelligence at scale. 

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