Home[Podcast]: How one company is trying to fix the broken resource allocation process in healthcare

[Podcast]: How one company is trying to fix the broken resource allocation process in healthcare

In this episode we welcome Greg Malpass, CEO of Traction on Demand. His company has launched a free, open-source mobile application for healthcare providers that are fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. The app is called Traction Thrive and helps to manage healthcare equipment during the pandemic.

Traction Thrive is a new initiative which came about as a reaction to the ongoing epidemic, so Greg takes us through his thought process on why this app was prioritized and built over any other ideas. He explains the user experience and typical workflows for healthcare workers and how different resources can be assigned based on a supply and demand algorithm via this new and innovative software. 

Traction Thrive is available only in Canada right now, but Greg explains that his company is working hard to make it available in the United States and other countries. In addition to this timely app, Greg also talks about other useful tools created by Traction on Demand. Codrin and Greg later share their thoughts on how healthcare might be changed forever because of COVID-19.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • How Traction on Demand decided to built and launch Traction Thrive
  • The experience that a hospital worker has when using the app.
  • The growth trajectory that Traction Thrive has already experienced.
  • How data is leveraged in healthcare to make better decisions. 
  • Other service offerings / products  built by Traction on Demand.
  • Why we need progressive solutions now more than ever in healthcare and beyond. 
  • How companies are forced to innovate during COVID-19

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