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[Podcast] Can We Predict Future Healthcare Risks?

On today’s episode of Healthcare Weekly, we are talking to  Rachael Jones, Senior Vice President, Performance Analytics & Quality at Cotiviti, a software company that leverages unparalleled clinical and financial datasets to deliver deep insight into the performance of the healthcare system.

Cotiviti’s main focus is on payments, risk and quality.  Understanding health plans is increasingly difficult for self insured employers, insurance brokers and even third party administrators.  Cotiviti helps all these agents ensure they are getting the best quality of care at the most affordable cost, both as a healthcare payer and member.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • An in-depth look at how Cotiviti works.
  • How Insights and Analytics Can Provide Better Health Plan Options to Patients and Employers 
  • How COVID-19 is affecting healthcare practices and services.
  • The increase in telehealth utilization and the cost shift from in-person services – and what it means for doctors and employers.
  • How back-to-school typically affects healthcare and what employers can do about it.
  • How Cotiviti can spotlight to predict future healthcare risks. 
  • Cotiviti’s COVID-19 tracker and how it can uncover patterns and actionable insights. 
  • How Cotiviti provides an online tool for everyone to uncover COVID-19 concentrations by state and county level and find out  the next hotspots.
  • What Rachael thinks the main trends in healthtech  are and how they’re helping shape the “new normal”. 

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