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Will Novoheart Make Animal Testing Obsolete?

In this episode, Codrin Arsene is joined by Kevin Costa. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Novoheart, a company that creates three-dimensional heart constructs which drug manufacturers can use to test out various drugs and treatments.

The current drug development process can take ten years or more to complete. Kevin describes this very inefficient process and the costs incurred by manufacturers.

He talks about the inaccurate results that testing animals provides and Novoheart’s offering of a much more reliable solution.

The potential impact on medicine and healthcare by developing heart constructs that are specific to an individual patient is enormous.

Kevin says that right now the costs may be prohibitive but explains that it is completely doable.

  • Listen to the podcast to learn about:
  • How Novoheart works and how they build their hearts
  • Experiments and tests that are happening with Novoheart today
  • Recent studies published by Novoheart
  • Questions from scientists that Novoheart could address
  • How specific the human tissue construct can be Limitations in this field
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