Home[Podcast] Rimidi launches Coronavirus screening app for doctors to stay safe

[Podcast] Rimidi launches Coronavirus screening app for doctors to stay safe

Today’s Healthcare Weekly Podcast guest is Dr. Lucienne Ide.

She is the founder of Rimidi, a digital healthcare company that provides cloud-based software and clinical analytics for chronic disease management.

Rimidi is now offering a new application to help support clinics during the new COVID-19 outbreak. The app works to screen patients for symptoms or risk factors before they come into the healthcare system. With this enhanced pre-screening, clinics can identify at-risk patients earlier in the process and take the necessary precautions to properly deal with the situation.

Rimidi is working closely with the CDC to ensure the accuracy of questions at a time when information on the virus is changing daily. Survey questions are no longer just for those who have travelled internationally, but for everyone experiencing symptoms as there have now been cases of community spread. The app now works off information regarding symptoms, exposure risk, and travel to identify those who may be at risk.

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Rimidi is working to keep their COVID-19 survey as short and simple as possible. Individuals with an appointment will get a text reminding them of their appointment and a link to complete the survey. The survey is web-based to ensure it will function on all devices. If the individual is considered to be at risk, they will be given a number to contact on the next actions they should take.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • Where Rimidi is being rolled out Identifying and dealing with patients who may have COVID-19
  • How screening has changed as we learn more about the coronavirus
  • How the app works to identify at-risk individuals
  • The user experience with Rimidi
  • Survey questions that Rimidi uses to identify COVID-19


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