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[Podcast] How Would An Interoperable Healthcare System in Action Look Like?

Today’s guest is Matt Michela, CEO of Life Image. Life Image is the world’s largest medical evidence and image exchange network, providing access to points of care and curated imaging data.

Life Image was founded in 2008 and provides medical organizations and patients with centralized access to data via the use of their Interoperability Suite. The platform allows for seamless integration into existing EMR systems and offers a way to democratize data via a vendor-agnostic tool. 

Matt joins us today to discuss how their Interoperability Suite is utilized, the benefits of centralized data and the importance of contactless data collection during the pandemic.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • The type of data Life Image allows access to
  • Creating a data exchange for providers
  • How health systems access Life Image
  • Tailoring the platform to provider preference
  • Accelerating data access and decreasing stress
  • Creating seamless integrations into multiple health workflows
  • Utilizing embedded information in DICOM images
  • How Life Image helps outside partners with algorithm creation
  • Increasing the adoption rate of third-party partner tech
  • How Life Image is being utilized during COVID-19
  • Trends emerging with providers during the pandemic
  • The importance of seamless data sharing with treatment centers
  • Decreasing infection chances by eliminating the need for physical data exchange

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