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[Podcast] Integrated HIPAA Communication Platforms? Yes, they actually exist!

Michael Morgan is Healthcare Weekly’s podcast guest of the day. He is the CEO of Updox, a health tech collaboration platform that offers appointment reminders, secure texting and messaging, e-faxing, live video interoffice chatting, and a recently announced telehealth platform that can be used by doctors and physicians all over the country. 

Updox allows health professionals to communicate more efficiently with both practicing colleagues and patients.

The company offers integrated solutions where health care providers can use one collaborative platform instead of multiple, disjointed communication channels. 

Recently, Updox partnered with ShareCare (check our podcast episode with ShareCare’s CEO here) since they share a common vision. Updox can help health organizations save time and money and even increase their profits.

Topics Covered on today’s podcast:

  • The all-in-one platform offered by Updox
  • Their new partnership with ShareCare
  • How Updox’s telemedicine solution is different from other alternatives available on the market today  
  • How COVID-19 restrictions are encouraging businesses to adopt remote monitoring solutions
  • The benefits gained by medical practitioners when they use Updox
  • The biggest trends emerging from dealing with COVID-19 among healthcare professionals 


Can AI save lives and reduce hospitals costs? One startup is doing it already!

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