Home[Podcast]: Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials: Options & Opportunities

[Podcast]: Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials: Options & Opportunities

Today’s guest is Glen de Vries. He is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Medidata, a platform for professionals and patients involved in clinical trials to simply and comprehensively collect data.

Medidata is the most used platform for clinical trials in the world and has powered tens of thousands of trails, with millions of patients and billions of patient records. Medidata aims to create and improve precision medicine by utilizing data collected in clinical trials to improve treatment protocols.

Glen discusses the importance of the patient experience when collecting data, how clinical trial management protocols are changing with technological innovations, and how digital transformation can help transform the healthcare system.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:
• How Medidata began as a platform to connect life sciences professionals
• How the Medidata platform allows for greater patient engagement and connection to research
• How Medidata has created a fully interactive experience
• Clinical trial protocols and how they are changing with advancements in technology
• The importance of aiding and administering precision medicine
• ‘Patient Equation’: what it is and how it works
• Data collection and analysis in modern clinical trials
• How health systems can break down data silos
• Opportunities for data collection and utilization during COVID-19
• The process of simplifying and consolidating data collection
• How technology could impact the future management of trials
• Future predictions for precision medicine

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