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[Podcast] Let’s Talk About Healthcare Benefits Brokers in America

On today’s episode, our guest is Dave Chase, Cofounder and Creator of Health Rosetta. His company provides a blueprint to benefit brokers and managers on how to spend less on employee health benefits while still providing better outcomes for these employees.

In theory, self-insured employers should be saving a portion of their normal expenses on health care, but their carriers are preventing that from happening via price gouging and surprise bills.

Health Rosetta started working as a non-profit by teaching ways to spend less on health care and through professional accreditations. They have also set up a public benefit court to be able to achieve further heights. A lot of us don’t know the full dynamics of our health care payments, but Dave explains that once we start learning, we’ll be able to save more by getting rid of all the useless liabilities.

Topics covered:

  • The way health benefits work in the U.S. from the top of the pyramid to the bottom
  • The power of insurance companies and pharmacies on the largest health benefit managements
  • Increasing health care costs on employers and employees due to the opaque ways adopted by insurance plans
  • Self-insured employers 
  • The ways through which Health Rosetta can tackle the highlighted issues and benefit employers
  • The differences that make Dave’s approach better than the current establishment
  • The role of doctors in the current crisis
  • Savings and reductions which Health Rosetta would contribute
  • Using a technology platform to help benefit managers configure their health care plans

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