Home[Podcast]: Drones for good: how one company uses drone technology to deliver vaccines & medical supplies 

[Podcast]: Drones for good: how one company uses drone technology to deliver vaccines & medical supplies

Today’s guest is Eric Peck, co-founder and CEO of Swoop Aero. Swoop Aero is an Australian-based medical supply logistics company that utilizes drones to deliver critical medical supplies to doctors and patients in need across the world. In addition to Australia, they also operate in Malawi and Mozambique to deliver high value, in-demand medical supplies cutting down delivery time and costs associated with moving medical supplies from point A to point B. 

With Swoop Aero, Eric hopes to increase the accessibility of medical supplies in communities across the globe while improving efficiency and speed of deliveries.

Eric joins us today to discuss his air force background, the inspiration behind Swoop Aero, along with common questions and challenges they face.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • Swoop Aero’s end-user technology vs. operations technology 
  • Future scalability and ease of implementation
  • Proactively battling hacking and security concerns
  • How Swoop Aero compares to other emerging drone deliver services
  • The impact of COVID-19 on delivery dockets
  • The future of combining autonomous and traditional logistics channels
  • Swoop Aero’s client base
  • Overcoming the challenges of operating in perceived high-risk countries
  • Environmental and operational risk factors
  • Long term differentiators between Swoop Aero and competitors

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